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MusiqTruth In Brief...

Born Stephanie Fillyaw, MusiqTruth is a native of Watha, a small town outside of Wilmington, North Carolina. She is a graduate of the Masters of International Studies program at the University of South Carolina and holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Queens University of Charlotte, a small private university in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina's picturesque Myers Park. In March 2018, she obtained her certification in Professional Music Production from the esteemed Berklee College of Music.

When she is not creating solutions in the corporate world, debating political and social current events over waffles at 3AM, or having a strong cup of coffee with friends, Truth spends her time pursing her first passion, music and the arts. She is foremost a singer/songwriter, gifted to sing all three harmonic parts, a musician (playing five instruments for production at various degrees of ability: percussion, clarinet, keyboard, guitar [blues style], and harmonica), and lastly an aspiring writer, podcast host and poet.

MusiqTruth enjoys traveling the world and has many friends scattered about the globe. She is fulfilled by giving political commentary, motivational oration, and using her musical gifts to inspire and uplift others. Her world perspective is viewed through the lenses of music, truth, and politics.

In April 2019, MusiqTruth introduced "Truth 101: Our World Through Chocolate Lenses" which is a podcast that dives deeply into random topics of interests from the purview of Americans of African descent. As a form of continued research, Truth's podcast and travels allow the opportunity to flow across a panoply of subjects through the lenses of the African diaspora. Topics include general cultural commentary, music history, afro-futurism, politics & current events as well as intersectionality within the black community.

In February 2020, MusiqTruth Entertainment was officially born and serves as the center hive for all things MusiqTruth. This umbrella company will display the various creative avenues, goods and services provided under the MusiqTruth trademark.

MusiqTruth's major goal in life is to continue sewing good seed, learning lessons, and spreading love along the journey of life. She enjoys what she calls "the market of Wisdom Exchange" on a daily basis- having conversations with people from all walks of life and learning from each other.


From birth MusiqTruth has had a deep interest in political systems and justice from a very early age. She landed her first internship at age 15 with Nancy Amodeo, attorney at law, where she assisted the attorney in research and commuted to numerous hearings. She later completed a second internship at the age of 17 at the law office of the esteemed Tonya Lacewell Turner, where she assisted Mrs. Turner's legal assistant in typing property deeds, adoption letters and also drafted a personal injury case letter to the firm's approval.

MusiqTruth's research and interests span across such topics as democracy and its functionality in the Middle East, democracy and its impact in oil rich nation-states, media ethics, international legislation on climate change, the influence of media on democratic change in the Middle East, and matters of political psychology and its effects on foreign policy behavior.

Her collegiate career has brought many opportunities to serve her community in diverse capacities. MusiqTruth interned for both the Larry Kissell Congressional Campaign (2008) and Clean Air Carolina (formerly Carolinas Clean Air Coalition). Both roles provided her with immense hands on experience in the areas of issue advocacy and grassroots campaigns.

She is a member of the National Senior Honors Society (Mortar Board), the National Theater Honors Society (Alpha Psi Omega), and the National Political Science Honors Society (Pi Sigma Alpha).

--For all inquiries, please contact MusiqTruth directly:

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