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MusiqTruth: the artist, producer and media creative.

MusiqTruth is a conscious soul and R&B singer, DJ, producer and media creative who forges music that resonates through both lyric and sound. - Send your booking inquiry here


Book us for your next party! Genres: Neo-Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop, Soul, Southern Soul R&B & Top 40

Current Happenings and Services:

  • Spring 2024 TBD | Spring Kick-Off: Virtual Brown Liquor Backyard Party.
  • Composing & recording musical compositions. Visit our Official MusiqTruth Facebook Fan Page for music, current events & booking.
  • DJ - Small events and house parties throughout Georgia and the Carolinas.
  • Published free-lance contributor on politics, society & culture
  • Podcast Host - Truth 101: Our World Through Chocolate Lenses (Easy-Listen below)
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